A World-Class Integrated Healthcare Platform Enterprise

U2Bio was founded in the background of developing and managing healthcare IT solutions. The company proves its accuracy and essentiality in the medical and therapeutic field. This includes clinical pathology, anatomical pathology, molecular diagnostics, specialized diagnostic tests, and many more. The implementation of diagnostic test services includes proactive and preventative  measures to reflect the most recent changes in the healthcare paradigm. U2Bio will create a service environment that maintains and supports changes in the  healthcare market with the utmost in U-Health and personalized healthcare  services.

U2Bio exists to further our purpose in improving human health and venture ecosystem through BT and IT integrated healthcare services.


- Providing good solutions to hospitals and patients not only in domestic but also overseas

- Competitive laboratory testing service

- The highest quality services for hospitals and patients

- BT and IT integrated health service

- U-healthcare partners focused on customer comfort

CEO Message

“U2” represents the mutual growth with our partners who dream big and strive for greatness just as we do.

Healthcare trends are moving from ‘CURE’ to ‘CARE.’


U2Bio has created great value by creating an BT and IT integrated infrastructures for healthcare by accumulating IT experiences while developing EMR, PHR, and e-commerce.


In addition to the growth in in vitro diagnostic tests, we provide a variety of preventative healthcare solutions such as operating software and mobile applications for health screening centers. We aim to create new synergies through internal and external cooperation based on new opportunities.


As Korea’s leading healthcare BT and IT integrated company, we will always strive to identify and advise on the drastic changes in the healthcare environments in order to efficiently support the operation of hospitals and clinics.

U2Bio CEO J.T. Kim



Sept - Participated in Korea-Thailand 4th Industrial Revolution Showcase

May - Signed contract with Vichaivej International Hospital in Thailand – IT Solution HealthWallet and SQMS​

May - 10th Anniversary of U2Bio

Mar - U2 LIS (laboratory information system) launched and running

Mar - Contract with Vichaivej International Hospital

Jan - Launched “U2TeloLife” telomere length service


Dec - PATENT application and registration: Alpha Thalassemia Diagnostic Kit

Oct - Attracted NDS investment


Jan - CRO (Contracted Research Organization) Business launching




Mar - The precedent of Life Cycle healthcare service - MoaMoa Service launching


Nov - RFID technology & patient’s needs-based check up IT Solution development completed & launched

Mar - Selected as the “leading venture company” by KOVA


Nov - Authorized U2Bio Thailand Laboratory Accreditation (LA) - The 1st project in Korea Bio Venture companies

Aug - Attract KOREA-ISRAEL Investment Fund The 1st precedent of Korea Bio Venture companies

Apr - Launch of the online based Lab. test results linage IT service ‘U2Check’ - The basis of PHR


Jan - Signed a contract with private hospitals in Thailand for the provision of the Lab. testing service


Dec - Foundation of U2Bio Thailand - Hub of Asia healthcare market

Jun - Certified as a venture company by the government (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)


Oct - Launch of the online based real-time EMR linkage IT service ‘Lab2Gene’ -The first attempt in healthcare market

Jan - Foundation of U2Bio: Conducting molecular genetic tests

Service Lineup

U2Bio is the only Healthcare business that coverages BT and IT in Korea.

Service Diagram

BT Service

BT Products - U2Plex Alpha Thalassemia Diagnostic Kits

What is “Thalassemia”? Thalassemia is an autosomal recessive blood disorder that can be passed down through generations. It affects the production of hemoglobin and causes various defects that may or may not affect the person.


“U2Plex Alpha Thalassemia Diagnostic Kit is a user-friendly kit. It is easy to follow, due to its easy color code method.”


Targeted Mutation: 9 type of Alpha mutations
SEA, FIL, THAI, 3.7, 4.2, 20.5, MED, PS & CS

The three kits consist of only five materials.


Cat No: U2C001

U2Plex Alpha Thalassemia Diagnostic Kit A - SEA, FIL, THAI

Cat No: U2C002

U2Plex Alpha Thalassemia Diagnostic Kit B - 3.7, 4.2, 20.5, MED

Cat No: U2C003

U2Plex Alpha Thalassemia Diagnostic Kit C - PS & CS

BT Products - U2Telolife

Telomere Length - A Simple Genetic Test to Know your TRUE Age


Telomere are the safety caps that protect the end of our chromosomes from shortening as we age. Without the telomeres, the main part of the chromosomes would damage easily causing rapid aging.

Shorten telomere speed may vary depending on the person’s lifestyle pattern, genetics, environmental and more.


U2Telolife is a simple genetic test that only requires a sample of the patient’s blood.

CRO (Contract Research Organization)

U2Bio has started its CRO business with the persistent accumulation of all types of specimen samples and by using our vast network of connections.


- Licensed Clinical – Medical device clinical licensing

- Research Clinical – Medical device development and R&D

Currently co-working with many businesses that develop medical devices.


MoaMoa service is a personalized nutritional consulting service for mothers and babies based on analyzed breast milk compositions and mother’s dietary habits.

IT Service

U2Check - Integrated Hospital System Solution

EMR 2-Way Transmission [Read & Write]
Not only does U2Check Standard include the health checkup software program and receive EMR results, but it also implements two-way transmission to simultaneously input data through the linkage and diverse EMR’s. This allows verification in various environments to the needs of diagnosis offices or lab centers with its unique EMR two-way transmission feature as well as to that of hospital administration offices to accurately check the test results in a patient’s prescription records in real-time.

U2Check_Smart (RFID-based Specialty Checkup Solution)
This premium checkup service is an automatic system using wireless RFID tags for health checkups based on convenient user experience.


Health Checkup automatic solution
User can easily access and use implemented systems such as making an appointment, automatic checkup queue time, check-in, checkup status, testing room navigation, checkup and center info, and hospital and clinic information.
This real-time transmission, RFID-based checkup total solution includes not only the system itself, but also marketing tools for our clients such as storage, billing, statistics, management support, and required equipment information.

This is a compact solution for on-site health checkups by medical checkup bus. U2Check_Mobile improves efficiency by eliminating the human error, that occurs during the processes traditionally done by paper, as data is shared in real-time with hospitals throughout the checkup.

U2LIS - Laboratory Information System

U2LIS is a software that records, manages, and stores for clinical laboratories. It sends laboratory test orders to clinical instruments, tracks test status and records results. U2LIS also allows authorized users to view statistical analysis, edit and delete clinical/medical/laboratory libraries, view inventory control, business management, test prices, and more.


- Intuitive
- Simply
- Speed
- Flexible
- Integrity


A PHR (Personal Health Record) mobile app service that securely stores all health records allowing self-management of an individual’s lifetime. HealthWallet is designed to make to share information between hospitals and patients more efficiently and conveniently. U2Bio’s U2LIS, U2Check, & SQMS work and interface with the HealthWallet.

“Smart” mobile solution for health management

Hospital and clinical medical history, search results, and checkup reports are made available on patients’ phones!


A differentiated diagnosis service for patients who need periodic observation and management of health test results.

U2SQMS - Smart Queue Management System                   

U2Bio’s SQMS (Smart Queue Management System) IT solution facilitates hospitals and patients waiting process during medical checkups. It helps hospitals improve and have better customer management and manages customer services by reducing operation cost.


SQMS Programs (4 in 1)

- SQMS Manager: Basic SQMS program (Software)
- Queue Monitor: Waiting and Station program
- Station view: Views all stations available
- Station Manager: Searches all patients in waiting


Benefits of SQMS
- Increases staff efficiency

- Reduces waiting time between examinations

- Less stress for patients waiting in line

- Improves customer satisfaction

- Smooth patient reception and handling

- Analyzes operation efficiency (such as, time, average queue time, number of patients, etc.)

Global Business

U2Bio recognizes the competent solutions for overseas-based hospitals as a “World-Class Integrated Healthcare Platform Enterprise.” One step further, we will establish and manage hospitals in overseas companies.