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logo_lab2gene A representative IT solution and specimen test brand developed and distributed by U2Bio
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Lab2Gene is the representative brand of U2Bio's diagnostic test service, providing convenient and beneficial functions compared to other companies by utilizing IT technology, which is the strength of U2Bio, and trying to differentiate itself.

U2Bio aims to contribute to the healthy life of all through in vitro diagnostic test services collecting specimens, such as blood and urine, from hospitals and clinics nationwide, analyzing them with various diagnostic equipment, and providing the results to medical institutions.

A principal strength compared to our competitors is to build an automation system correctly linked with the information system of medical institutions utilizing our automation facilities and also IT technology, our strength.

This could reduce costs and increase the test result reliability as well, even improving the work efficiency and accuracy of medical institutions using the U2Bio service.

While it is not easy to secure linkage and compatibility between medical information systems, it was possible because U2Bio can link with almost all medical information systems released in Korea based on know-how and human networks accumulated over a long time ago.

A representative IT solution and specimen test brand developed and distributed by U2Bio
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    Collection of specimens from hospitals, clinics, and examination centers, such as blood, tissue, urine, etc., and test service for them

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    IT solution for real-time test requests linked with the electronic medical record (EMR) and automatic input of test results

Competitive Points of Lab2Gene
  1. 1The top in sales growth compared to competitors
  2. 2Securing over 2,300 in vitro diagnostic customers nationwide
  3. 3Optimal IT environment configuration through collaboration with various EMR companies
  4. 4Providing PHR service connecting hospitals and clinics with patients
  5. 5Almost all tests are possible with the TLA system and the latest Medical lab testing equipment
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Reading test results
Multi Searching
Conversion of the test results in the form of files
Linkage with EMR
Automatic input of test results to EMR
Monitoring test progress
Test request through the order from EMR

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