Mission and Vision

A company with a dream and heading towards it! This is the vision of U2Bio.

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Everyone deserves a healthy life,
and we offer uniquely designed healthcare
for each individual.
Our Declaration for the Vision
  • We design personalized healthcare service for each and every client.
  • Our service is based on various scientific data.
  • Our clients live a healthy life with our service, which is a part of their daily lives.
  • We will make our services universally available to the world beyond Korea.
Vision Slogan
A Data-driven Personalized
Healthcare Partner
in Your Daily Life.
Company Identity
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    - The 2nd challenge after establishing UBcare

    - Everlasting challenge toward the 1st Class

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    Dream (U2 = You, too)

    - You [ Can be ] too

    - You [ Can do ] too

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    - IT + BT-based capability

    - Team work

    - Partnership with customers and shareholders

So, U2Bio aims for Ubiquitous Healthcare and
challenges toward a dream through teamwork with partners based on its IT and BT experiences.

Core Competency
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    Challenge Spirit

Core Competencies
  • U2Bio's
    Core Competencies
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    Highest sales and service network in Korea

    Nationwide sales and service network established over 18 years (major shareholder), network with 20,000 customers linked to it Medical sales force to hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies with the highest market share in Korea

  • 02
    Highest sales and service network in Korea

    BT service and consulting service built based on IT technology Establishment of our own system, Lab2Gene, a competitive EMR-linked service Planning capability for various medical service-linked projects

  • 03
    Experience and capability of significant management and key staff

    Experiences and capabilities of principal talents who jointly overcame significant adversity (IPO, Medison bankruptcy, hostile M&A, friendly M&A, etc.) and the founder of UBcare (formerly Medidas) having overwhelming market dominance

The culture of a great company to work for
This is what U2 culture is.
U2Bio is …
U2Bio aims for six dimensions in common: people (personnel composition/competence development), work process, job and performance system, information and knowledge sharing, decision-making, and compensation and motivation.

In addition, we will diagnose current cultural phenomena, continuing to develop the U2 culture where dreams and practices live together.

'Culture Core Values' of U2Bio are alive vividly as U2Bio's living cultural values, and they will continue to evolve in the future.
Definition of U2 Culture
The culture of U2Bio is to accept change or failure without fear.

In creating new value, rather than theoretical and conceptual attempts, it is a culture that strives to go beyond the existing goals one step forward with an attitude of learning and exploring through action at all times.
The culture of U2Bio always aims for a paradigm shift through new and beneficial ideas.

It is a culture to have a critical mind about the phenomenon and a culture that always encourages each other to lead continuous improvement and change and strives to find new values.
U2Bio has a culture that emphasizes ‘sharing’ and ‘communication’.

As shown in V.I.P.'s emphasis on sharing, it is also a culture of communication to share the company's goal and information transparently through vision sharing and to share profits.

Also, genuine communication means not simple ‘communication’ but ‘communication’ between hearts based on trust.
U2Bio has an exciting and fun culture. There is fun amid seriousness, and we aim for dynamism with passion.

Corporate culture should always have lively fun, not be stagnant and undefined. This culture is U2Bio's new and young culture.
U2Bio aims for diversity and flexibility.

It refers to a flexible culture that can adapt to various situations with various people or organizations with different characteristics and effectively interpret them within them. A culture that can understand different or conflicting viewpoints and adjust its approach depending on the situation makes a creative and challenging culture shine.
U2Bio Logo
Symbol Mark(ENG)
Symbol Mark (KOR)
Grid System (ENG)
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Color Pallete
Main Color
7482 C
C100 M0 Y100 K0
Sub Color 1
2299 C
C50 M0 Y100 K0
Sub Color 2
2299 C
C50 M0 Y100 K0

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